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Lynne Sims

Entrepreneur, Published Author, Wife Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Trust your intuition and success will follow

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Prophetess Lynne Sims is passionate about the things of God. She has a degree in Christian Education and several ministry training certifications. Married to Apostle Carlos Sims since September 16, 2004, Prophetess Sims is extremely effective in ministering to married couples and strengthening families. She is the biological mother of one and the spiritual mother of many. Active in ministry for over 20-years, Prophetess Sims has developed a sense of awareness for the needs of the community and the body of Christ as a whole. In an effort to ensure that the people of God experience true abundant life in all areas, she boldly and aggressively addresses issues that most ministers dance around or avoid altogether. Her empowerment strategies equip the people of God to apply all that God releases into their lives prophetically and apostolically with minimal distraction. The Father has endowed her with an anointing to strip His people of any spiritual baggage, loose the bands of wickedness off of their lives and open the eyes of their understanding.   


A true revelatory prophetic voice, known primarily for her extremely raw preaching style and her prophetic accuracy, Prophetess Sims has a reputation for ministering healing and wholeness in the lives of society’s misfits, homeless individuals, women who have tarnished reputations and the broken-hearted. She has a burden from the Lord to minister to lesbians, homosexuals, prostitutes, exotic dancers, escorts and women who have been victims of rape, kidnapping, and sex trafficking. God has used her to witness Christ in the most unorthodox ways known to man.


Prophetess Sims is very focused on ensuring that she hears from God. Preaching and teaching since 1999 and ordained as a Prophetess on May 20, 2007, she is also an accomplished Life/Destiny Coach, Published Author, Conference Host, Business Mogul, Mentor, National and International Motivational Speaker, Playwright, Poet, and Trailblazer. Prophetess Sims is the Co-Founder of C.L.S. Entertainment, Inc as well as the Founder of the Help Meet Mentorship Ministry, P.R.E.S.S. (Preparing Revelatory Eagles to Soar in the Spirit) School of Ministry, The Army of Intercessors and Luscious Lady Enterprises. Her ministry passions are stable marriages, drama & liturgical dance, mentoring women, prison ministry, equipping ministry leaders, training prophetic people and training Armor Bearers!


She preaches relentlessly against sexual immorality of any kind. Prophetess Sims has successfully allowed God to turn what the enemy meant for tragedy in her personal life through rape, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, sexual promiscuity, and perversion into a spiritual springboard for men and women all over the world to be encouraged, strengthened, delivered and set free by hearing her testimony or experiencing God through her ministry. As an Intercessor, she thrives on seeing the manifestation of Abba’s promises in the lives of His people she prays for. It compels her to minister healing, restoration and release self-confidence and virtue in any setting that will equip or empower women socially, economically and spiritually.


As a proud mother, grandmother, and wife (The Only Lady) to Apostle Carlos Sims, she provides the love and support needed to help him do all that God has assigned him to do. As God’s Prophet, she travels the world preaching, teaching, training and effectively equipping prophets to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith they are called. She is currently in the process of expanding P.R.E.S.S. Prophetic School of Ministry (A Developmental School and Breeding Ground for Companies of Divinely Inspired, God Ordained Prophets Worldwide). Prophetess Sims travels across the nation mentoring and training ministry leaders and Armor Bearers to operate in excellence.


She works side by side with her husband as Marriage, Family, and Relationship Counselor. She is the Author of the marriage enrichment book, “The Wife’s Handbook”, “Mending Marriage Mindsets” and the Poet/Co-Songwriter on the Love Songs for Married Couples CD entitled “This Sexy Love Experience!” She and her husband, are known nationwide as the “Marriage Mechanics” and they nurture marriages by conducting Marriage Fortifying Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Pre, and Post-Marital Counseling Sessions, Marriage Boot Camps and Couple’s Date Nights on a monthly basis.


Prophetess Sims is a faithful servant of God. She ministers at hospitals, correctional facilities, mental institutions, and nursing homes as opportunities arise. However, establishing and maintaining healthy marriages and strong families is almost always at the forefront of her teachings and messages. 


Her Testimony


Prior to salvation and serving in ministry, Prophetess Lynne was heavily bound by sin. God delivered her from prostitution, violence with deadly weapons, theft, sexual perversion, alcoholism, manipulation, pride and arrogance, compulsive gambling, pornography, and suicidal thoughts. Violated sexually at the age of 4 or 5, then again at age 8, Prophetess Sims has been exposed to the worst of the worst as it relates to sexual assaults and perversion. She had her first handgun and consensual sexual experience at the age of 12. And was pregnant at the age of 13 with no knowledge of who the child’s father was. She was abducted from her high school bus stop and raped by two men at the age of 15 and she was gang-raped by four men under an overpass May 8, 1994. That date was and is the last time!


Her mother signed for her to marry a 41-year old man when she was only 14-years old because he owned a string of mechanic and paint and body shops. Addicted to fast money and a certain lifestyle, by the age of 14 she was a wife, mother and a small business owner. Her first husband was financially well off but he was physically and emotionally abusive. After leaving that marriage, she entered into a vicious cycle of toxic living. She was stripping at the age of 15 and she’s had 3 miscarriages by the age of 21. As an adult, Prophetess Lynne made so many poor choices with men. Their financial status was the only thing that mattered to her. She only dated men who were hustlers, gamblers or drug dealers. Of course, she became a product of her environment. Although the money was good, the abuse was not.


Alcoholism plagued her from childhood. She was drinking beer at age two. Lying, stealing and cheating was a part of her everyday life as a child. Her mother ran a gambling shack and she was responsible for overseeing and managing the money when she was only 11-12 years old. No moral compass, Godly direction or protection was provided to her as a child. The first church she attended the pastor had a severe gambling problem and the second church she attended from ages 8-9, she was sexually violated by the Pastor; who tried repeatedly to get her to participate in a recorded sex act with his 19-year old “spiritual daughter”. These experiences caused her to decide at an early age that she would never attend church or trust the people of God. With no true sense of her own value to God, she abused and misused people and her own self. This destructive behavior caused her to have several more miscarriages and ultimately led to her incarceration.


Her past of being a victim of physical, verbal, child, and spousal abuse coupled with repeat sexual molestation fuels her dedication to counseling, showing unconditional love, bringing healing and creating a sense of Godly, self-worth in the lives of those who have suffered the same traumatic experiences. After all, she’s been touched with their infirmities. Prophetess Sims labors with her husband and their ministry to meet the tangible needs of the homeless through Evangelistic outreach because they both know what it's like to be homeless. Together, they pray with, teach, train and equip the people of God to succeed in life!


Prophetess Sims makes herself available for conferences, workshops, boot camps, retreats, banquets, convocations and various speaking engagements in an effort to assist in the spiritual development of others. If you would like to invite her to minister at your church, women’s meeting, organizational meeting, or conference please contact: Shanika Small at 813.900.8414 or email You may also contact her through or visit her on or follow her updates on Instagram and 

Lynne Sims

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