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About Lynne Sims

Entrepreneur, Published Author,

Wife Coach, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker

Lynne Sims is passionate about the things of God. She has a degree in Christian Education and several ministry training certifications. Married to Carlos Sims since September 16, 2004, Lynne is extremely effective in coaching wives, counseling married couples and strengthening families.

From My Heart

I'm honored that women all over the world trust the God in me to help coach and mentor them in ministry, marriage or in their businesses. We all need someone we can trust and be vulnerable and transparent with who won't judge or condemn us for our flaws. My heart's desire is to see them win in every area of their lives. As a Wife Coach, I empower women to succeed in marriage. From overcoming infidelity, walking in total forgiveness, learning healthy communication techniques, money management strategies and creative love-making tips to being their husband's best friend forever, balancing work, the kids and meeting all of his other needs, I'm here to help them reach their marriage goals. 


The Father also enables me to assist women to prosper in ministry, business and in friendships with other women as a Life Coach and Mentor, The strategies I use are downloaded by the Holy Spirit and they produce fruit in the lives of the women who apply them. Unfortunately, most of us have not been given to the tools to prosper in all of these areas simultaneously. If we are good in one area, we usually struggle in unimaginable ways in the others. Sometimes you just need someone who gets you and understands how you process to talk you through some of the uncomfortable places in your life and to hold you accountable to what God said!


God has given me a unique grace and an immense amount of wisdom when it comes to marriage, ministry, business, and friendships. I only pray that He will continue to get glory out of all that He uses me to do in the earth!

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"One of my biggest struggles was submitting to authority and respecting men; period. I thank God that Prophetess Lynne Sims has walked me through deliverance in those areas. I'm finally free from so many things that once held me hostage in the spirit and in the natural!"

Shanika Small


"I had some serious issues with promiscuity before God sent this woman to Mother and mentor me. I didn't know basic things that every woman should know. I couldn't even cook , I didn't have a driver's license, a car, a home of my own, or a GED... 


I just thank God for total deliverance taking place in my life as a result of the Help Meet Mentorship Ministry"

Sequoya Anderson


“This woman of God changed my life forever! Prophetess Lynne Sims is the real deal!

Ch'lisa Taylor

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